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April 01, 2006


Claiming “victory” in its offset frontal crash test program, IIHS is “moving on” by modifying the program to reduce the number of actual crash tests and rely more heavily on manufacturer test results. In a detailed press release and its current Status Report the insurance research group said that because the front offset tests have “prompted huge improvements in how vehicles protect people in frontal crashes,” the tests “no longer are providing consumers with much useful information to differentiate among vehicles' frontal crashworthiness.”

In the future it will rely more heavily on “test verification,” a “new approach involving evaluations based on manufacturers' own frontal tests of vehicles meeting requirements established by the Institute… Only redesigned vehicles with immediate predecessors that earned the top rating of good in previous Institute tests are eligible for verification. Substantially redesigned vehicles with significant changes in size, weight, or body style aren't eligible. The Institute will continue testing these vehicles.”

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A flammable material that was deemed too dangerous for military aircraft is being used in millions of Ford vehicles, a Mother Jones article asserts. It reports that Kapton, a plastic film often used to insulate wire, has been widely banned, in military aircraft and other transport vehicles. “It’s like having dynamite in your suitcase,” according to an expert quoted in the article. Yet it is “still in millions of Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs…” The article questions whether Kapton failures are a cause of many Ford ignition-system fire that have been reported over recent years.

“In the past seven years, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has investigated the role of these switches in more than 500 blazes that have ravaged cars, houses, and garages, and reportedly killed at least one person. The agency analyzed 260 cases of fires in Ford sedans—Crown Victorias, Lincoln Town Cars, and Mercury Grand Marquises—with model years between 1992 and 1997. In 1999, the company recalled nearly 300,000 of those vehicles. And by March of last year, the NHTSA had received more than 200 complaints of fires in Ford trucks—F-150 pickups, Expeditions, and Lincoln Navigators—with model years from 1995 to 2002. But Ford maintains that the root cause of the fires is too complex to fault a single component.”

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Ford has routinely blamed the Explorer’s OEM Firestone-Bridgestone tires for rollovers that led to more than 200 deaths, but evidence in a recent lawsuit indicates the car company ”approved replacement tires for its Explorer sport utility vehicle that made it just as likely to roll over as the originals,” Bloomberg’s Margaret Cronin Fisk reports. The evidence – Ford’s own test results of replacement tires – was introduced last month in an Explorer trial in Mississippi. It “may support hundreds of pending lawsuits contending that the vehicle is unstable and can flip over amid evasive driving maneuvers,” the report said, adding:

“In computer simulations used to test substitutes, the Explorer tipped onto two wheels -- a Ford indicator of rollover risk -- on tires made by Goodyear, Michelin's Uniroyal, Continental and other manufacturers, the records show. The company approved some failed tires as replacements, according to Ford documents. The Explorer tipped most frequently in the vehicle's two-wheel-drive model.” A Ford spokesperson reportedly responded that the company “performed extensive testing and analysis before approving any replacement tires. No single factor determined whether a specific tire was approved as a replacement tire.''

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The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has struck down a Department of Transportation rule that exempted from public disclosure information submitted to the
government by the auto industry about potential safety problems, according to a Public Citizen statement. The action came in a case brought by Public Citizen against DOT. It said that. “The Transportation Recall Enhancement Accountability and Documentation (TREAD) Act of 2000, passed in the wake of the Firestone tire debacle, requires manufacturers of motor vehicles, tires and vehicle parts to provide the Transportation Department with detailed ‘early warning’ data about possible safety problems. At industry's urging, however, the Transportation Department issued a rule that categorically exempted broad swaths of that data from public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), ostensibly to protect against disclosure of commercially sensitive information.”

Public Citizen asserted in the court suit that the department “had failed to give fair warning that it was considering a categorical exemption rule when it issued the notice of proposed rulemaking that later led to the rule, that the exemptions violated FOIA, that the department had failed to support its view that the exemptions were needed to protect confidential business information.

Industry groups intervened in the lawsuit to bolster the government's effort to keep their data under wraps. Meanwhile, the government has refused to provide public access to any of the information.

In its opinion, the court struck down the rule on the ground that it was not a "logical outgrowth" of the agency's rulemaking notice, but represented a "surprise switcheroo" from what the department had originally proposed, which was not to exempt the information categorically. But it held that the agency does have authority to issue categorical rules if it gives proper notice and the rules do not improperly expand FOIA's exemptions.

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“The threat of hefty fines or jail time for corporate executives could help keep defective products -- including vehicles -- off the market, some members of Congress say.” According to an Automotive News article, Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has drafted a bill that would establish federal criminal penalties for makers of products that kill people. He has not introduced the measure, but his committee took testimony on it this month. Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the ranking Democrat on the committee, reportedly said the bill's "potential is something we should carefully explore." He cited "unsafe tires and unsafe cars." A Los Angeles plaintiff’s attorney testified in support of the proposal. Witnesses for business and manufacturing interests opposed it.

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Today the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released new crash test and/or rollover ratings for 42 model year 2006 vehicles – 16 passenger cars, 17 sport utility vehicles, four vans, and five pickups – and two early release model year 2007 sport utility vehicles. The results are reflected in the “search” feature of the “For Consumers” section of the www.AutoHazardInfo.org website. All results, including previously tested model year vehicles, are available at NHTSA’s website: www.safercar.gov.

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DaimlerChrysler minivans are getting a closer look from the U.S. highway safety agency because of air bags that deploy too late or not at all, Bloomberg reports. NHTSA also upgraded a probe of Dodge Durango and Dakota trucks, which may have defective steering wheels. Water can seep into air bags used in 2005 and 2006 Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country minivans, harming a sensor that controls the devices' activation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

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A Florida federal court has allowed a lawsuit to move forward against DaimlerChrysler for alleged breach of warranty and deceptive trade practices involving allegedly defective front brake assemblies on 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees, according to Automotive News. The court rejected the company’s motion for dismissal of the suit, but has not yet ruled on a plaintiff’s motion to certify the case as a class action on behalf of all Florida owners.

The plaintiff alleged that the brake assemblies were “defective and not fit for their intended purpose,” and also charges the company with concealing the purported defect from consumers, Automotive News said. It quoted a company spokesman as stating that
“there is absolutely no safety issue involved" in the defective brake dispute.

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IIHS has announced crashworthiness evaluations for seven new or redesigned midsize car models resulting from front, side, and rear impact tests. The models are Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, Pontiac G6, Acura TSX, BMW 3 series, Infiniti G35, and Lexus IS. “The best overall performers are the BMW 3 series and Lexus IS, which earned the silver 'Top Safety Pick' designation for good performance in the Institute's front and side crash tests plus acceptable ratings for their seat/head restraint designs in rear tests. The Ford Fusion, tested without its optional side airbags, earned the lowest overall ratings. It's the only car in this group that didn't earn a good rating in the frontal test. It earned a poor rating in the side test and a marginal rating for rear crash protection,” according to IIHS’s announcement.

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MSNBC Dateline has posted a list of auto company comments about the recently announced IIHS crash test results for seven midsize cars. The quoted comments are from the manufacturers of the Acura TSX, BMW 3, Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, Infiniti G35, Lexus IS and Pontiac G6, some of which showed up poorly in the Institute’s test results. Most emphasized that regardless of their performance in the tests, they meet the Federal government’s minimum safety standards.

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The European Union's “stringent pedestrian protection rules” are increasing the use of energy-absorbing plastic in auto front-end parts, according to Automotive News. “To cope with the first phase of the regulations that took effect last October, some carmakers added plastic energy absorbers to front bumpers. Others may use plastic in the new designs of hoods, fenders and lightning systems, automakers and suppliers say.” The new two-phase requirements mean that manufacturers must provide greater crash-absorbing crush space on car front ends between the hood and the hard points – radiators, engines, etc. – under and behind it, so as to increase the management of energy in pedestrian impacts.

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In "Innovation and Stagnation in Automotive Safety and Fuel Efficiency," a newly issued report, Ralph Nader has called on U.S. auto companies to “reverse decades-long trends of putting marketing hype before engineering quality-ignoring advanced product designs and stifling innovation from parts suppliers.” Even as some Japanese and European manufacturers “prove that advanced technology sells -- especially in safety and fuel efficiency -- the market-shrinking domestic auto industry thinks that the only path to profitability is penny pinching on parts,” the report charges. It accuses NHTSA of “foot-dragging on new safety and fuel economy technologies” and failing to “challenge manufacturers to deliver innovative solutions.”

The report presents 10 recommendations, including a return to NHTSA-contracted advanced vehicle programs like the 1970's Research Safety Vehicle, a new collaboration between NHTSA and parts suppliers; CAFE increases to at least 46 mpg for cars and 40 mpg for light trucks by 2014; and NHTSA-sponsored contests for super-efficient and extra-safe vehicle designs. It is for sale at the Center for Study of Responsive Law in Washington. Nader reportedly plans to open an office in Detroit to pursue his renewed interest in auto industry “foot-dragging.”

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At the recent Geneva auto show, Lexus displayed a set of what it calls “advanced safety technologies” on its LS series, according to information from Toyota. They include:

Enhanced Pre-crash Safety System: “…stereo cameras and improvements to millimeter-wave radar now enable the Pre-crash Safety System to detect pedestrians, which the earlier system could not do effectively. The system warns the driver when it determines that the possibility of a collision is high. If the driver does not brake, Pre-crash Brakes are applied to reduce collision speed.”

The World's First Rear Pre-crash Safety System: When a rear impact is sensed, the system “automatically activates the front-seat Pre-crash Headrests, which move forward and upward in anticipation of an impact…”

Other new features include a “Pre-crash Safety System with Driver Monitoring System,” SRS knee bags for both front passengers, and twin-chamber front air bags.

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A Baltimore news show, WBAL-TV 11 News, reports that car owners across the country have complained their Chrysler 2.7-liter car engines are not only defective, but unsafe. It described the problem as a sludge build-up in the engine that leads to breakdown and requires replacement of the engine. It reported that the Center for Auto Safety, after investigating about 1,000 complaints of the problem, stated that “the 2.7-liter engines found in some Chrysler and Dodge models are prone to catastrophic failure… The real issue is what happens if the engine seizes and you're hit and killed…”

According to the report, the engines have been used by Chrysler since 1998 and are found in some Dodge Intrepid and Magnum models, as well as Chrysler Sebring, Concorde and 300 models. It quoted a representative for the Chrysler group as saying, "It's not a widespread issue ... or a safety issue. It's a maintenance issue."

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“Nissan is recalling some 466,000 of its X-Trail worldwide due to a potentially defective fuel inlet pipe.” The vehicle is a compact SUV sold in Canada, AutoBlog,com says. “According to Nissan's recall, an 'inappropriate' pipe coating could result in a rusty refueling pipe (primarily in 2000-2004 models), causing a gas leak. Thus far, the automaker has received word of 49 defective pipes, but no injuries have resulted.”

NHTSA is “taking a second look at Audi A6-family models. Last March, the agency recalled some 173,000 A6, S6, and Allroad models after reports of dashboard fires, but it has since heard of more incidents, and is thus revisiting the issue.” It is “also checking in to some 700,000 Ford Super Duties (MY 1999-2001) after 31 complaints of stalling engines that resulted in three low-speed accidents.

“In addition to the potentially leak-prone gas tanks NHTSA announced it was investigating on Tuesday, NHTSA is reviewing an existing recall of approximately 38,000 2004 Chrysler Pacificas, also due to stalling engines. The agency has received 60 complaints covering 2004-2006 examples, so it is re-opening the books on the problem.
Finally, NHTSA is turning its gaze to 2004-2005 Toyota Siennas equipped with run-flat tires after 12 owners complained that the tire pressure warning system failed to do its thing.

Search www.AutoBlog.com by vehicle name for details.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating seven Ford truck models from 1999 to 2001 because of complaints of engine stalls without warning, ConsumerAffairs.com reports. “The stalling causes diminished steering and braking ability and has contributed to at least three minor crashes. As many as 700,000 trucks are potentially involved in the probe, including the E Series Super Duty, Excursion, F Series Super Duty, F-250 SD, F-350 SD, F250 Super Duty and F350 Super Duty. NHTSA has received complaints from 31 consumers alleging engine stalling because of a failure of the camshaft position sensor.”

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A Federal jury in Atlanta, Georgia reportedly has ordered DaimlerChrysler to pay a total of $3.4 million for failing to warn of children shifting its minivans out of park, causing them to roll, and for failing to warn that its minivans did not have a brake shift interlock, which prevents vehicles from being shifted out of park without depressing the brake pedal. The case involved a two and a half year old girl who was killed when she inadvertently pulled the gear shift lever on her mother's 1991 Dodge Caravan out of park causing it to roll. The child was ejected and run over by the minivan.

According to attorneys for the child’s family, evidence in the case showed that before 2001, when DaimlerChrysler implemented the brake shift interlock in its minivans, DaimlerChrysler knew of almost two hundred child shifting incidents causing injuries and death to parents and children in vehicles which lacked the brake shift interlock. When DaimlerChrysler implemented the brake shift interlock in 2001 the incidents of child shifting in Chrysler vehicles was reduced to zero.

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Male drivers who are involved in a car crash are more likely to die if they are obese, a US study reportedly has found. “The team from the Injury Research Centre of the Medical College of Wisconsin looked at information on 22,000 people from a nationwide crash data collection program sponsored by the US Department of Transportation.
The fatality rate for motor vehicle crashes was 0.87% for male drivers and 0.43% for women drivers,” according to a BBC report. The team found that male drivers who had a body mass index that was either higher than 35 or lower than 22 had a "significantly increased risk of death" compared to those with an intermediate body mass index (BMI), BBC said.

The team argues that its research highlights another major health risk associated with obesity among men and may help the identification of high-risk drivers.

They also argue it could have implications for traffic safety policy and motor vehicle design. A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said the research was interesting. "However, it would be a very costly process to have a car modeled on the person's shape to make it as safe as possible - that's really a bespoke car and would take a lot of money and effort to produce," he said.

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ConsumerAffairs.com reports that NHTSA is investigating seven Ford truck models from 1999 to 2001 because of complaints of engine stalls without warning.

“The stalling causes diminished steering and braking ability and has contributed to at least three minor crashes. As many as 700,000 trucks are potentially involved in the probe, including the E Series Super Duty, Excursion, F Series Super Duty, F-250 SD, F-350 SD, F250 Super Duty and F350 Super Duty.”

NHTSA reportedly has received complaints from 31 consumers alleging engine stalling because of a failure of the camshaft position sensor. In many cases the engine would not restart or restarted and stalled immediately. Consumers reported to NHTSA that once the engine stalled the vehicles were difficult to control because of diminished steering and braking ability.

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The Nebraska Supreme Court has unanimously upheld an $18.6 million jury award in Shipler v. GM, involving severe spinal cord injuries sustained in the rollover-roof crush of a 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, according to a news report.

The court's 47-page opinion “rejected all of GM's claims against the trial court. Foremost among its rulings, the state Supreme Court turned down GM's claim that the $18.6 million award was too big.” The trial court had found GM negligent in the design of the Blazer's roof, which crushed down an estimated eight inches on the passenger side in the roll. (For more about the current controversy over federal roof crush standards, see archived Current Developments summaries and the Rollover Collection.)

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So-called “mild” traumatic brain injury (MTBI) concussions, such as are typically sustained in car crashes and falls, may have more severe consequences than thought, according to a study by UK researchers. It showed that “…MTBI can have sustained consequences, and that the subjectively experienced symptoms and difficulties in everyday situations are related to objectively measurable parameters in neurocognitive function.” The researchers are from the Universities of Surrey and Manchester. MTBI “represents 70 - 90% of all treated brain injuries. It is by far most common in teenagers and young adults, and typically caused by falls and motor-vehicle collisions. The estimated population-based incident rate ranges above 600/100000 [1]. MTBI typically induces a range of symptoms such as: headaches, blurred vision, poor concentration, sleep disturbance, depressed mood or irritability.”

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(Clicking on product name at start of item will connect to the NHTSA recall file.)

KTM 2000-2003 LC4 400, 640, and 640 Enduro Motorcycles (Fri, 24 Mar 2006)
On certain motorcycles, the front wheel spokes can become loose and break, causing further damage to adjacent components. Such a failure of a front wheel spoke could possibly damage the tire's inner tube, increasing the risk of a crash.

Keystone 2006 Raptor Trailers (Fri, 24 Mar 2006)
On certain fifth wheel trailers, propane lines were incorrectly positioned during manufacturing and do not have sufficient clearance between the floor of the slide room and the outside wall of the slide room. The copper lines may get pinched when the door side slide-out is retracted. The lines could be damanaged and leak propane resulting in a fire.

Keystone 2006 Mountaineer Trailers (Thu, 23 Mar 2006)
On certain fifth wheel trailers, there is a 12 volt light in the bunk bed area. This light can come into contact with the bunk mattress when the bunk is in the closed position. If the light is left on when the bunk is in the closed position, it can scorch the mattress or result in a fire.

Pro-A Combination Lamps Sold as Replacement Lamps for Certain Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Isuzu, Jeep, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Saturn, Toyota and Volkswagen Vehicles (Tue, 21 Mar 2006)
Certain Pro-A motors combination lamps sold as replacement lamps for use on certain passenger vehicles. Some combination lamps that are not equipped with amber side reflectors fail to conform to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108, 'Lamps, Revlective Devices, and Associated Equipment.' Without the amber reflectors, the vehicle will be poorly illuminated, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash without warning.

Jayco 2006 Granite Ridge and GreyHawk Motor Homes (Mon, 20 Mar 2006)
On certain motor homes, the windshield wiper motor may have been produced without grease being applied to the output shaft gear. After a period of continuous use on the high speed setting, lack of grease on the output shaft gear may cause the gear to distort or fracture during operation resulting in a loss of wiper function. Inoperative wipers under inclement weather conditions could cause a crash due to impaired visibility.

Jayco 2003 Avatar Motor Homes (Mon, 20 Mar 2006)
On certain motor homes equipped with Caterpillar diesel engines, the straps that support the converter mufflers to the chassis, these welds are causing the straps to fail. When the straps fail, the muffler can drop to the ground.

Jayco 2005 Avatar Motor Homes (Mon, 20 Mar 2006)
On certain motor homes equipped with NGI air pressure gauges located on the dash panel, the gauge is giving a false reading. This may cause the park brake to engage without warning, thus throwing the passenger forward, increasing the risk of injury to occupants.

Jayco 2005 Escapade Motor Homes (Mon, 20 Mar 2006)
On certain motor homes built on Chevrolet chassis and equipped with Bosch hydro-boost brake assemblies, the hydraulic brake booster pressure accumulator may crack and separate from the hydro-boost assembly during normal operating conditions. If a separation occurred and the hood of the vehicle were open, fragments from the accumulator could cause injury to people in the immediate area. The presence of this crack or fracutred surface could allow the hydraulic fluid to leak from the accumulator circuit of the booster assembly. The loss of fluid would cause increased steering and braking effort and a crash may occur without prior warning.

Jayco 2005 Seneca Motor Homes (Mon, 20 Mar 2006)
Certain motor homes built on Chevrolet chassis were produced wtih a body wiring harness with no protective conduit in the area under the driver's feet to reduce the potential for harness wear. The body wiring harness includes SDM wiring that could be damaged from chafing and wear by the vehicle operators. This could result in inadvertent air bag deployment. A person may receive minor injuries, such as abrasions, from contact with the bag.

Poli-Auto Combination Headlamp Assemblies Acura, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Honda and Toyota Vehicles (Wed, 15 Mar 2006)
Certain Poli-Auto combination headlamp assemblies, P/Nos. 11-728, 11-728D, 11-710, 11-419, 11-713, 11-703, 11-704, 11-708P, 11-735, 11-725, 11-726, 11-716 (P&C), 11-721-1, 11-733, 11-729, 11-730, and 11-732, sold as replacement lamps for use on certain passenger vehicles. Some combination lamps that are not equipped with amber side reflectors fail to conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108, 'Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment.' Without the amber reflectors, the vehicle will be poorly illuminated, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash without warning.

Pro competition Pro Comp XTreme A/T Tires (Mon, 13 Mar 2006)
Certain Pro Competition Pro Comp XTreme A/T Tires, Size 38.5X14.50R20LT, manufactured between February 1, 2004 and January 21, 2006. These tires may not have adequate rubber coverage of the belt edge due to low tread gauge in the shoulder slot area of the tire. When this condition exists, it may eventually cause cracking at the base of the shoulder slots resulting in exposed belt wire which could lead to accelerated belt degredation, which could result in a separation. If the separation is not detected, continued use may cause the ply cords to break and the tubeless liner to tear and lose the inflating air. Loss of air may cause the driver to lose steering control, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash.

Four Winds 2005 Mandalay Motor Homes (Mon, 13 Mar 2006)
On certain motor homes built on freightliner chassis and equipped with I-Shafts supplied by ZF Heavy Duty Steering, the steering shaft assemblies wtih lower yokes may have been incorrectly machined. The steering shaft splines could push through the lower yoke, allowing hte steering hweel to turn without any response. If this occurs, the vehicle could suffer loss of steering control which could result in a crash.

Replacement K&N and Mopar Fuel Performance Kits Used for Dodge Vehicles (Fri, 10 Mar 2006)
Certain replacement K&N fuel performance kits, P/Nos. 57-1509, 57-1511, 57-1511-1, 57-1517, 57-1517-1, 57-1527, and 57-1530. Also, a small percentage of these kits were sold under the Mopar performance parts brand name (P/Nos. P5007069 and P5007070). All kits were manufactured from April 20, 1999 through Sptember 23, 2004. These assemblies were manufactured as replacement equipment for certain Dodge pickup trucks and SUVs. A small piece of material from the tube wall could be sucked into the engine throttle body, which could cause the throttle to become jammed in the open position. A jammed open throttle could cause unintended acceleration of the vehicle, possibly resulting in a crash or increased stopping distances when braking.

KZRV 2006 Coyote, Durango, Frontier, Jag, Sportsmen, Sportster, and Spree Travel Trailers (Fri, 10 Mar 2006)
Certain towable travel trailers fail to conform to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 100, 'Tire Selection and Rims' These trailers are missing the tire information placard. This does not meet the requirements of the standard.

Acura 1990-1993 Integra, Acura 2002-2005 RSX, ANZO Headlamp, BMW 1992-1998 3 Series and 5 Series, Chevrolet 1995-1997 Blazer, Chevrolet 2002-2003 Denali, Chevrolet 2003-2006 Silverado, Dodge 1996-2000 Caravan, Dodge 2004-2006 Ram, Ford 2003-2006 Expedition, Ford 1997-2001 2004-2006 F-150, Ford 1994-1998 Mustang, Honda 1990-2006 Accord, Honda 1992-2006 Civic, Infiniti 2002 I30, Jeep 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee, Mitsubishi 1995-1999 Eclipse, Mitsubishi 2003-2006 Lancer, Nissan 2002-2004 Altima, Nissan 2001-2004 Frontier, Nissan 2000-2002 Sentra, Toyota 2003-2006 Corolla, Toyota 2003-2006 Matrix, Toyota 2004-2006 Scion XB Anzo Combination Headlamp Assemblies (Thu, 09 Mar 2006)
Certain Anzo combination headlamp assemblies sold as replacement lamps for use on certain passenger vehicles, some combination lamps are not equipped with amber side reflectors which fail to conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108, "Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment" Without the amber reflectors, the vehicle will be poorly illuminated, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash.

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