August 23, 2006


Bentley Continental GT 2004 Passenger vehicles (Wed, 16 Aug 2006) On certain passenger vehicles, there is the potential for insufficient clearance between a brake pipe and an engine mounted hose clip, which could eventually result in failure of the brake pipe. This failure could result in an increased stopping distance when braking increasing the risk of a crash and also a risk of fire due to brake fluid escaping into the engine compartment.

Ultra Aftermarket Cast Aluminum Custom Wheels (Tue, 15 Aug 2006) Certain Femtec Ultra aftermarket cast aluminum custom wheels, series 260 in sizes 15" x 10" and 16" x 10" sold for use on light trucks. These wheels may contain design-induced stress which could lead to a crack developing over time at the drop center. This could lead to air loss from the tire as well as the eventual separation of the wheel and tire from the rim, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash.

Cadillac Escalade EXT 1500, SRX; Chevrolet Avalanche 1500, Colorado, Silverado; GMC Canyon, Sierra 2006-2007 Sport Utility vehicles (Wed, 09 Aug 2006) Certain sport utility vehicles and trucks fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 110, "tire selection and rims.". These vehicles have an incomplete tire rim designation on the certification/tire label located on the driver's door edge. In addition, the label may also be missing the tire load rating on the label. Although this information is not required by the standard, if a tire of a lesser load rating is installed, the tire may not be able to sustain the loads encountered during use. If a customer replaces a wheel and only relies on the rim size designation that is indicated on the label, a wheel that is of a different rim contour designation may be installed. It may be difficult or impossible to mount the tire on a wheel with the wrong contour. If the tire is mounted on the wheel with the wrong contour, the wheel and tire may not perform as intended, which could increase the risk of a crash.

Chevrolet Kodiak, T-Series; GMC Topkick 7500, 8500; Isuzu FVR, FXR, HVR 2006 Trucks (Wed, 09 Aug 2006) Certain trucks fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 121, "Air brake systems". An internal control and check valve within the air brake application valve assembly was configured improperly, preventing air from flowing through the brake system as designed. In the event of an emergency stop, the vehicle's stopping distance would be increased. If stopping distance was limited, a vehicle crash could result.

Roushpp Ford Mustang GT 2005-2007 Passenger vehicles (Mon, 07 Aug 2006) On certain passenger vehicles built on the Ford Mustang GT chassis, the anti-roll bar attachment bracket on the front strut can separate from the strut housing due to inconsistent welding. If the broken bracket contacts the tire, sidewall damage can occur, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash.

Victory V92 2000 Motorcycles (Fri, 04 Aug 2006) On certain motorcycles equipped with a gates drive belt system, the front sprocket may wear between the sprocket and its retaining nut, causing the front sprocket nut to loosen and fail to retain the sprocket. The front sprocket nut failure could cause axial movement and interference which could result in transmission lockup, increasing the risk of loss of control or crash.

Victory V92 1999-2001 Motorcycles (Fri, 04 Aug 2006) Certain model year 2001 Victory V92 motorcycles, and 1999-2000 V92 motorcycles that received transmission replacement kits built in 2001 can experience a third gear failure in an abnormal overload condition such as when shifting at high RPM. While shifting gears at high RPM, the third gear may fail. If pieces of the failed gear become lodged in the transmission, the transmission could lockup possibly resulting in loss of control and a crash.

Chevrolet Avalanche, Avalanche 1500, Kodiak, Silverado, Suburban, Suburban 2500; GMC Sierra, Toopkick 6500, Yukon XL 2004-2006 Trucks (Wed, 02 Aug 2006) On certain trucks equipped with an 8.1l V8 (RPO L8-VIN G) engine have a condition in which the engine fuel rail pulse damper retainer clip may fracture resulting in inadequate retention of the damper. If the damper comes loose, a fuel leak may result. Fuel leakage, in the presence of an ignition source, could result in a fire.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006 Sport Utility Vehicles (Tue, 01 Aug 2006) On certain sport utility vehicles, the inflator connector for the driver's air bag may have been incorrectly assembled. The air bag may not inflate properly which can increase the risk of injury in certain crash conditions.

Jeep Liberty 2002-2006 Trucks (Tue, 01 Aug 2006) On certain trucks, the constant tension front lower ball joints may experience contamination. If the vehicle is operated for an extended period with this condition, the ball joint may eventually experience wear and looseness. When the driver continues to operate the vehicle with this condition, the contamination can lead to corrosion, accelerated wear and possibly separation from the steering knuckle causing a loss of vehicle steering control increasing the risk of a crash.

Kia Rio 2003 Passenger Vehicles (Mon, 31 Jul 2006) Certain passenger vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 208, "Occupant crash protection" when used with certain child seats, the automatic locking retractor (ALR) function in the rear outboard seatbelt assemblies may disengage. If a child seat is not properly secured, there is an increased risk of injury to the seat occupant in the event of a crash.

Audi A3 2006 Passenger Vehicles (Mon, 31 Jul 2006) On certain passenger vehicles, during production of the air bag, either the left or the right side curtain air bag inflation module may leak. In the event of a crash, the air bag may not inflate as designed increasing the risk of injury to a seat occupant.

S&S Cycle 56-1130, 56-1131, 56-1132, 56-122, 56-5122 Transmission Shift Collars (Mon, 31 Jul 2006) Certain S&S Cycle six speed transmission shift collars, P/N 56-5122, included in S&S complete transmission/gear sets and cassette transmission/gear sets with S&S P/Nos. 56-1222, 56-1130, 56-1131, and 56-1132. The transmission shift collars were manufactured with a machining error. As a result of this error, the shift collars can crack when exposed to high loads over an extended period of time. If the shift collar cracks, the rear wheel can lock up possibly resulting in loss of control and a vehicle crash.

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